Challenging acrostic puzzles with a trivia twist

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Puzzles for Kids!

Kidz-Acrostics, created to introduce young people to the challenge and fun of acrostic puzzles. Whereas in a traditional acrostic puzzle the completed puzzle reveals a quotation, in a Kidz-Acrostic, the completed puzzle reveals a riddle. Please share a free Kidz-Acrostic with a young person.

Age 10 and up.

Your FREE Quiz‑Acrostic puzzle, from the book Quiz-Acrostics Book 2, comes in a 2-page pdf. The first page contains the puzzle and the second page contains the solution.

Quiz-Acrostics Directions

  1. Read each clue and write the answer over the blanks next to the clue.
  2. Transfer each of those letters to the blank in the big box that has the matching little number.
  3. The words inside the box form a trivia question.
  4. The answer to the question is found by reading the shaded letters from top to bottom.